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Daniel would talk bugg.

Beograd, Serbia

Leaving Budapest

Left budapest at 11:15 pm lastnite. As we had our reservations ready, we got onto our train easily on platform 9. There were some crazy people on the train, including an old german fellow in our room. The ticket lady held onto our tickets throughout the night, but we had to hold onto our passports. The came in at 1 am to check those.

Arrival in Beograd

Arrive to Beograd around 6 am, while the very nice ticket lady woke us up around 5:30. The area outside Beograd is entirely flat, you can't even see any mountains in the background. In the foreground are really "standard" red brick houses, but they are in varios states of disrepair/construction.

Ghetto Valley

Walked through the valley of the ghetto in order to escape from the mass of scary taxi drivers at the train station. Don't worry Bugg, we're not coin with anyone wierd. We went up to the castle district first, and discovered a very beautiful fortress surrounded by the original castle walls, and a photography exhibit. As this was only 8 am, e had the castle to ourselves, and enjoyed talking and laughing freely. We took lots of pictures of each other, as we decided to explore a small tunnel, which led to a wonderful vista. Tanks!

Military Museum

After we discovered the tanks we decided to play around on them for a while, climbing on top as if we were able to get inside. We then went past a series of torpedoes, cannons, and some of the early tanks, which were little more than armored cars. Inside the fortress was a small-ish garden with an amazing view, and a large statue of a man looking over the city.

After we left the castle we took a left to reach the zoo, which is actually a converted part of the old fortress walls. Inside the zoo were many, many birds and an assortment of all creatures big and small. There were crocodiles, hippos, Zebra, an elephant, about a million gerbils, and an albino Lion. We took alot of pictures with us and the animals.

Coffee Search

Upon leaving the zoo, we walked through the rest of the park, seeing all the statue heads and another statue of a man fighting an animal. Earlier in the zoo, we had seen a fountain of a man vs a lion, whereas here we saw a man chokin a snake. Freudian slip I imagine.

The old town of Beograd actually had been turned into a pedestrian only zone. We purchased a postcard and a spoon, and stayed in a cafe to have a muffin, and some iced coffee. We filled up our water bottles outside in the fountain. We were glad to learn we were no longer homeless, and that our reservations for tomorrow morning are confirmed.

Where's your iPod, lets blog.

We left the old town after we passed the National Museum that was closed for repairs, and the National Theater that was just closed. We headed in search of another large copper domed buulding, picking up bandaids along the way. We then passed an elementary school and came upon the parliament building unknowingly. However we were kicked out upon trying to find out what it was. Another situation of "You'd be hotter if you had a better personality." We then explored Pioneer park (pionirski) and found both the presidents home which looks like it has a beautiful front lawn when in full bloom.

The area surrounding the park, including the city council building and a very beautiful fountain was full of police in full riot gear. When trying to ask what they were preparing for they assured us "Not to worry, not to worry." We had a man direct us towards the river Sava and Duna, as there is a museum of modern art which is supposed to be rather beautiful. More on that later.

We tried to go to head to the bridge to cross the river Sava, but managed to get quite lost. This didn't really bother us though as we watched the locals in all the shops, and the crazy black market deals down the street.

We finally made it across the bridge by following the river, and asking some younger kids for direction, as it seems the rule of younger people speaking English also applies here. We however were at the far bridge due to making a wrong right turn earlier. We walked up to the gallery to find it under reconstruction. Before we made it to the gallery, we decided to take a well deserved break, and sat on the river edge took our shoes off, and had a granola bar. We also took a break after the gallery, and made a bit of a video blog to work on later in iMovie.

Dinner with the Hitman

There is this small little path   in the woods on the bank that looked  like the entrance to someones home. However, a man dressed as The Hitman speaks up and says "It's a nice fish restaurant" and walks down the path.

Walking past to try to find the Serbian palace, we found another large column, this time adorned with a flame. However this allowed us to see the palace, and that the palace was in fact quite boring, so we returned to the fish restaurant for dinner. I had lemon trout, and andrew had grilled chicken. We both excpected small ceaser salad, but were surpised when it came full of grilled chicken. Thus, we were so full after dinner we highly enjoyed dipping our feet in the nasty river, but our feet were probably worse so it really didn't matter it felt way to good. Sorry dad no sand just garbage and mud.

We crossed the bridge back and wanted to go wander the streets and sit at the coffee shop, but I heard thunder and remembered Zagreb and wanted to head back to the train station. Luckily we stole the wi-fi from Grand Cafe, and updated the iPod, and headed to the station. We arrived just in time a it started to rain as soon as we made it. We traded our remaining dinars for euros, bought some juice and a playboy, and headed into the train.

Just a simple...

"I love you."


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It's reasonably funny, but mainly I enjoy the part where "Men enjoy things like fighting with their friends, and measuring things!" So true.

Love you Boo!

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